Detroit Summer Youth Demonstrate “Another Detroit Is Happening” Through Multi-media Community Murals


Contact: Jon Blount | | 313-912-6736

October 1, 2010 – Youth from the Detroit Summer Live Arts Media Project will unveil three multimedia community murals in a tour and celebration event on Saturday, October 16th. The tour will depart from the Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation (CCNDC) at 3535 Cass Ave at 11:30 am. The post-tour celebration will begin at 2:30pm and end at 6:00pm. Please RSVP by emailing if you would like to participate in the tour.

Detroit Summer is multi-racial, inter-generational collective in Detroit that has been working to transform communities through youth leadership, creativity and collective action since 1992. The Live Arts Media Project (LAMP) of Detroit Summer is a youth-led response to Detroit’s drop-out crisis, which uses music, poetry, and visual art to investigate community problems and generate community-based solutions. The “Another Detroit is Happening” Multimedia Tour is Detroit Summer’s third Live Arts Media Project.

The “Another Detroit is Happening” Multimedia Tour is the culmination of a 6-month community art-investigation project, which launched in the months leading up to the 12th annual Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum. In June of 2010, 12 youth set out to uncover the “other” Detroit that exists beneath the surface of dominant media narratives and to tell the stories of Detroiters who have been steadfastly building another world at the grassroots for decades. They used digital audio recorders and still cameras to interview and photograph 12 community organizations throughout the city. During the Allied Media Conference, they worked with muralists from around the country to create collages from their photographs and then transfer those collages onto giant silk screens. During the US Social Forum, they created hundreds of prints and worked with youth organizers from Seattle, Boston, New York and Chicago, as well as with local youth organizations to paint and wheat paste the prints around the city.

“We at LAMP believe Detroit needs the imagination and energy of young people in order to become the city we all want to see, not treated like criminals, patronized with tokenizing leadership roles, or programmed to believe that you have to leave Detroit if you want to have a good life.” — Starlet Lee, Detroit Summer Coordinator

Since the conclusion of the summer intensive, LAMP youth have been editing the audio footage from their interviews into sound collages, and creating their own hip hop and poetry inspired by the ideas in the interviews. They will encode the audio tracks into a series of phone numbers that will be posted alongside the murals at the three mural sites so that any passerby can call the phone number and listen to the stories contained within each mural.

“This is one of the most innovative community art projects I’ve been a part of. As a visiting artist, it was humbling for me to realize that there is so much innovation that is growing organically here in Detroit; it’s not something that Detroiters need to import. And when artists do decide to come to Detroit, it’s important that they take time to understand the incredible work of organizations like Detroit Summer and think about what they can do to support it.” — Juan Martinez, The Beehive Design Collective

The tour and unveiling celebration will provide an opportunity to learn more about the work of Detroit Summer, as well as the work of all the participating organizations in the “Another Detroit is Happening” mural project. These include: the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, the Food Justice Task Force, the Digital Justice Coalition, Allied Media Projects, the Ruth Ellis Center, Centro Obrero, the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe, the PG Institute, COMPAS, Blue Babies, 5e Gallery, American Indian Health and Family Services, and Yusef Shakur’s Urban Network. Prints of the murals will be available for sale. All proceeds will benefit Detroit Summer.

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  1. Marisol Teachworth says:

    I am inspired by the intense passion of community members working collaboratively for a common good.

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