Live Arts Media Project 2010

Dear Detroit Summer Family,

Time flies! We are about to kick-off the THIRD Live Arts Media Project (LAMP) this summer, June 5 – July 3, 2010.  There are many reasons why this year’s Live Arts Media Project will be historic.

It will take place in conjunction with the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum, two events which, combined, will bring over 20,000 people to Detroit.  We will be working with youth organizations from all over the country to help us execute the project.

It will led by Jon Blount, Starlet Lee and Andrea Ridges, three of the participants in the original LAMP (2006), who have now transitioned into program leaders and will be planting the seeds of leadership with a new group of 10 Detroit youth.

We will be returning to our roots of “live art media-making” through community murals, while putting a new multi-media spin on it.  We will partner with local and national artists, including Sterling Toles, Joe Namy, The Beehive Design Collective and JustSeeds Artists’ Cooperative to create a multi-media, multi-sited, interactive community mural!  (Read more below).

Our total budget for the program is $20,000. We applied for a Kresge Community Arts Grant and did not receive it. Fortunately we have already raised $8,000.  But we need your help to raise an additional $12,000.  Please donate what you can and forward the Request for Support Letter, below, to as many people, foundations, organizations, as possible!

If you donate $100, that will provide food for our crew of 17 for one day.
If you donate $250, that will provide all of the supplies we need for one of the murals.
If you donate $500, that will provide a stipend for one of the artist mentors.
If you donate $1,000, that will provide a stipend for one of the LAMP program leaders.

Checks can be made out to “Detroit Summer” and mailed to:

3420 Cass Ave
Suite #304
Detroit, MI

Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to celebrate the success of this project with you at our mural unveiling/closing ceremony in July.  Stay tuned for more details about that.

With love and gratitude,

The Detroit Summer Collective: Jon Blount, Starlet Lee, Jenny Lee, Diana Nucera, Andrea Ridges, Sterling Toles, Ilana Weaver

Detroit Summer Live Arts Media Project

Request for Support

Contact: Ilana Weaver | invincilana@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | 313-703-9327


Detroit Summer requests $20,000 for the The 2010 Live Arts Media Project (LAMP), which will take place this summer, leading up to and throughout, the Allied Media Conference and United States Social Forum. The 2010 LAMP will build the creative leadership and community problem-solving skills of 10 young people from Detroit.  In the first phase of the program, we will take field trips to 10 neighborhoods throughout the city, where people are organizing community-based solutions to social and economic crises.  From the stories we gather in those interviews, we will forge a narrative of “Another Detroit” that is happening in the midst of mainstream stories about Detroit.  From there, we will go through a series of workshops with artists at the Allied Media Conference to turn the narrative into a mural design.  We will invite the help of out-of-town visitors to paint the mural during the United States Social Forum.  In July, following the AMC and USSF, we will produce interactive media and popular education tools to accompany the mural.


Detroit summer is a youth organization that has been building youth leadership since 1992 by creating murals and gardens in partnership with communities all over the city. In 2006, we applied the same model of community-visioning through murals to a hip-hop audio documentary titled, Rising Up From The Ashes: Chronicles Of A Drop Out.  This  CD features interviews that youth conducted with peers, teachers, administrators, asking questions that get to the heart of Detroit’s drop-out crisis.  It also features original beats, poetry and hip hop from local artists. Since then, we’ve used the CD as a tool to spark dialogue and creative problem-solving because we believe young people’s creativity is the most valuable resource our city has for solving the many crises we face.   The 2010 Live Arts Media Project  will build off the 16 years of experience that we have leading community-based art projects, with youth.

Goals:The 2010 Live Arts Media Project will illuminate the incredible work of community healing and transformation happening in Detroit and it will grow the number of people who are committed to doing that work.  We will cultivate the leadership of 10 Detroit youth, whose participation in the 2010 LAMP will lead to deeper levels of investment in shaping the future of our city.  We will inspire visitors in town for the AMC and USSF  to  make a commitment to Detroit – whether by moving here or by supporting the work here from afar.  We will disseminate the solutions, now emerging from Detroit, which the rest of the world needs to know, as global economics impact more and more places they way they have impacted Detroit.

Key Personnel and Partners:

This project will be led by the Detroit Summer LAMP coordinators: Jon Blount, Andrea Ridges, Starlet Lee, Ilana Weaver and Jenny Lee. Sterling Toles and Joe Namy will be lead artists. The Beehive Design Collective and Justeeds Artists’ Cooperative will be national partners.  Partner organizations for the pre-mural interviews will include: The Hush House, The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, The Heidelberg Project, The Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, 5 Elements Hip Hop Gallery, Capuchin Soup Kitchen/Earthworks Garden, The Ruth Ellis Center, Catherine Ferguson Academy, and more, to be determined.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Dahlia Patterson says:

    How do I get my children involved in this stunning movement.. Please send me information.

    1. hello im ashley one of the newer youth i am so happy you want to send your youth here for the summer if you want to chat more just email me and we can chat any time i also want to invite you to the 20th anneversey of detorit summer we will love to have you my email is if you wanna talk to me or team members and decuse some thing you can feel free to do so any time i am not in charge as you may know detorit summer works as a famliy .

  2. It is awesome to see that Detroit Summer is still in existence!!! I remember volunteering with Detroit Summer when I was about 14 years old, I am 31 now. It was a fantastic experience. I am glad to see that you guys are still doing great things in the community.

    1. glad to hear a former youth is doing good. keep in touch, this year we’re turning 20 and having an awesome event from the weekend of July 13-15, we’ll be posting more about that soon

  3. Carolyn Akpe says:

    My son and I were traveling along Greenfield and had the opportunity to met a Detroit Summer group of young people doing a mural on the old Mammoth building on the corner of Grandriver. We introduced ourselves to the group and stated our appreciation for their work. The job was well done and has the effect of lifting the spirit and mood of all passing. Thank you. Carolyn Akpe August 18, 2013.

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