2011 T-shirt Project

Wes, damoni, and Keeya learning how to print

Last summer Detroit Summer LAMP youth developed a T-shirt campaign around three core issues: Youth Self-Image, School Closings, and Environmental Justice. They interviewed youth all over the city about these issues, particularly youth who work with the Detroit Future Youth Network, which is a partnership of 12 Detroit youth social justice and media organizations: Detroit Summer, Ruth Ellis, Young Nation, Rosa Parks Youth Program, Capuchin Earth Works, Detroit Asian Youth Project, EMEAC, Vanguard, 5E/Heru, Real Media, Detroit Impact, Michigan Roundtable, and Feedom Freedom.

The carter brothers @ an interview

Detroit Summer LAMP youth then collectively designed and printed shirts based on the images and ideas that arose in the interviews. These shirts were created with support from community artist-in-residence Wesley Taylor of Emergence Print Shop (EPS) and EmergenceMedia.org.

LAMP and real media post interview

Before the 2011 Allied Media Conference we held workshops to learn more about the three topics; Youth Self-Image, School Closings, and Environmental Justice and made questions to interview with. Throughout the summer, we interviewed each youth organization about each topic.   Through this process, community members became engaged in problem solving and building trusting relationships. After the interview process was completed the we youth edited and logged the audio and photos.  We used Photoshop to create designs around the three topics.

We premiered the shirts at our t-shirt party held at the end of the summer. We celebrated our success, sold t-shirts, and had live performances by City Wide poets, Detroit Summer youth, Detroit summer alumni Fowl, and Invincible were held down on the one’s and two’s by Dj Scari from 5e gallery. It was truly an awesome time!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported.

We work to empower our youth to create their own media, tell their own stories, take ownership of the Internet & technology, think critically about the world,  creatively problem solve and document solutions.

About detroitsummer

A youth leadership organization in Detroit, MI
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