Support Detroit Summer’s 20th Anniversary Plans and Beyond!

Dear  Family, Friends, colleages, supporters

For 20 years Detroit Summer has been many different things to many people. You may remember participating in a mural project, a community garden, a bike repair shop, some community potlucks, some heavy conversations about the condition of Detroit and how we could all rebuild and re-spirit the city, from the ground up. All of those projects were and are Detroit Summer. At the heart of all these activities has been our commitment to growing a community of support for the imaginations and leadership of young people.

Though we may not look the like the same organization you were involved in before, we still have the same transformative and visionary approach.  These days we use digital media arts as a tool for our re-spiriting. In 2006 we launched the Live Arts Media Project, in which young people learn technical skills in various digital artforms as well as facilitative leadership and community research skills. Currently, LAMP youth are in the middle of 3 media-art campaigns addressing: environmental justice, transformative education, and positive images of youth — for youth, by youth — celebrating their Detroit identities.

This year Detroit Summer turns 20. We want to celebrate and honor two decades of evolution by reconnecting to our roots (you) while pumping new, fresh energy up through our branches (youth). We are producing a documentary to tell the story of Detroit Summer’s evolution, successes, challenges, and lessons learned.  We’re reaching out to you for support because we know you share our vision and commitment to transforming this city through the creative energies of youth.

Here are three simple things you can do to support our work!

  • Become a recurring donor to Detroit Summer.  Recurring donors keep the life-blood of Detroit Summer flowing! Even $10 a month is a huge help to us, making sure that we have gas money to pick people up for meetings, healthy snacks, and a stockpile of sticky notes.
  • Make a one-time donation to Detroit Summer.  Visit the support donations page on our website and select your donation amount.  Also check out our vast array of youth-produced art and media, which we offer to our donors as expressions of our gratitude.
  • Join the 10 x10 fundraising campaign!  Ask 10 of your friends/family to donate $10 each to Detroit Summer.  Take the opportunity to tell them how Detroit Summer has impacted your life and why you think our work is important for the future of the city.

Please visit to donate and choose the thank-you item you would like. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible and will also receive eternal appreciation from current the Detroit Summer crew 🙂


Ashley, Damoni, Ilana, Jenny, Jon, Juan, Keeya, Mariana, Marisol, Nina, Sterling, Zena

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