Sheddy Forever Fundraiser


One of the kindest, strongest, shiniest, calmest, most genuine, creative–and can’t forget stylish–people we have ever known is no longer with us in the physical form.

Cheri “Sheddy” Rollins Sanchez once said that their eclectic music taste mirrored the eclectic, seemingly unrelated, groups of people they called friends and fam. When they played their shuffle playlist it might not have made sense to anyone else but them.

Those of us that have had the honor of knowing and loving Sheddy can attest to the endless ways they have blended us in to the magical mixtape of their life. We have worked and lived and adventured alongside Sheddy and been transformed in the process.

Now it is time to call on every single person, organization, project, and community whose path was forever changed by Sheddy to collectively pool all of our resources to bring them home. In order to insure a proper burial ceremony and support for their family we need to raise at least $10,000 immediately. (*SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE)

This would cover expenses of transporting their body from Miami (where they made their transition) back home to Philly, and all necessary costs of funeral and burial arrangements, as well as additional grievance support. This is urgently needed because the entire amount is needed in order to secure a viewing and burial date with a funeral home in Philly.

Whether you knew Sheddy as family, friend, classmate, neighbor, comrade in the movement, partner, healer, magician, artist, or even if they were someone you only met in passing and never forgot, all of your support and solidarity is needed in this critical moment.

Ways to support:
-Contribute anything you can to help raise the $10,000 urgently needed in order to secure a proper funeral for Sheddy in Philly.
-If you can’t contribute $ directly at this time please pass this on to everyone and anyone you know that knew Sheddy.
-Pass on any photos or scans of writings and art by Sheddy, as well as songs Sheddy loved to be compiled into something that will commemorate their beautiful and brilliant life. (email to )

Tax-deductible online donations can be made via Detroit Summer through Paypal at this
Or directly through this link:
Donate Button

Tax-deductible checks can be written to:
Detroit Summer with Sheddy in the memo. Send to:
Detroit Summer
4126 Third Street
Detroit, Mi 48201

Cash donations (Philly only) can be given directly to the family or to Kim Murray by emailing to arrange a pick up time.

Much Love and Gratitude,
ill, Jenny, Kim, Corina, and Sheddy’s family

*UPDATE (Tuesday 3-18-14)
Thanks to everyone who generously contributed we have collectively raised over $10,000 thus far and have been able to secure arrangements which are listed below. There are still many other related expenses so please continue donating and spreading the word.

Thursday 3/20
Viewing, 6-9 pm
(Compagnola Funeral Home, 4405-07 North 5th Street)

Friday 3/21
Funeral services, 9 am
(Compagnola Funeral Home, 4405-07 North 5th Street)

Mass, 10:30-11:30 am
(Holy Innocents, 1337 East Hunting Park Avenue (at L))

Procession to cemetery, 11:30 am
(from Holy Innocents to Oakland Cemetery, Adams & Ramona Avenues)
directly followed by…

Repast, where the general mood will be celebratory
3401 North 10th Street (at Ontario), Suite 25

People keep asking what they can do to help. Here are some things you can do:

-Spread the word. We are worried that we will miss people who will want to know.
-Send flowers. Sheddy’s mom says she would be glad to have flowers at the service, especially in purple and white, and yellow and orange. You can arrange to have flowers sent to the funeral home c/o the Sanchez family. You can use any florist you like, or call the florist next door to the funeral home (Riehs Florist, 215 456 1516).
-House people from out of town. People will be coming in from out of town, and some will need a place to stay. Please let me know if you can house someone and I will coordinate.
-Continue to donate money. We are still raising money for funeral expenses and a headstone.



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Bluezz says:

    I had the privilage too have known Sheddy her heart is of Gold She wore a smile like no other I m going to miss her dearly..

  2. coins says:

    I knew sheddy for ten plus years and she was suck an amazing person with such a big heart. She will truly be missed

  3. Selam says:

    RIP Sheddy it’s sad to hear you left so young…I hope my contribution brings you home to Philly!

  4. Keli Baez says:

    My sister had an amazing spirit. She saw the good in everyone and touched so many. I will miss her truly beyond any words. I love you forever Cheri!

  5. ghssisterlybond says:

    Are we getting any closer to having enough money?

    1. We have raised over 8k so far which is enough to cover the basic funeral expenses. We now need to raise the rest of the amount for additional expenses related to the process.

    2. we raised enough for the basic services which are listed above. we still have much more to raise for additional expenses.

  6. Sheddy had a very tender and generous soul. Axe dear one.

  7. Sheila Murray (Kim's Momma) says:

    Sheddy was one of my other daughters…bcause of Kim I have several of them:~)… never failed when n wherever she saw me the greeting was always the same… One of sooooo much love….xoxoxo….some darkness as definitely entered our world with That Shining Star gone…..but we as soldiers have 2 continue 2 hold up the Banner 4 her…..RIP Baby Girl….Momma Sheila loves u…. But God loves u best

  8. Sheila Murray (Kim's Momma) says:

    Sheddy was one of my other daughters…. Thanks 2 Kim I have several of them….. Sheddy always greeted me with mad love n xoxoxo when n wherever we saw one another ….some darkness has definitely entered our world since we’ve lost our Shining Star… But we as soldiers must hold up the banner 4 Sheddy…RIP baby girl… Momma Sheila loves u… But God loves u best

  9. Y.F. says:

    See today’s Miami Herald. Man charged in her murder.

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